RohaSell-on-line is a trading name for Severn Valley Sailplanes, an established business that for many years has been working with Evonik's Rohacell® material in various ways. Over the years we have use the material in sandwich cores, thermoformed it and machined it on both small and large scale CNC routers. Rohacell® has been a major part of our business for the best part of 10 years and we therefore feel that we know the material fairly well.

In 2010 we set up RohaSell-on-line to supply Rohacell material to users in the UK frustrated by the long lead-times and lack of availability. Within the business we consume a fair bit of Rohacell, so holding stock for others makes a lot of sense.

Our primary business is machining core materials like Rohacell, Airex and Diab. In fact we see ourselves as specialist in this area and have a lot of experience making complex parts for customers who include Formula 1 teams, major airline cabin interior suppliers and Airbus Industries as we hold AS9100 acreditation.

To feed our own facilities we hold a wide range of Rohacell material from the basics like IG-F-31 through to IG-F-110 to the more exotic like Rohacell WF110 and WF110-HT. More often than not we have the material that is specified to allow us to make parts quickly and without the fuss of having to wait for an overseas delivery.

On the other hand we carry in excess of £50,000 of Rohacell sheet material ready for dispatch to customers on a next day service if required and to make life even easier we can cut the sheet down to as small as 620 x 620 mm on most materials so you only have to buy what you need. With regular restocking from Germany long lead-times times are a thing of the past




CMS Athena 5 axis:-

We have recently taken delivery of a new CMS Athena 5 axis CNC Router, this will greatly enhance our machining capabilities and will enable us to provide a better service to our customers.

CMS Athena

Case Review

One of our new customers was recently looking for small sizes of Rohacell IG for experimental work. Until they came across they had had to purchase large sheets which was not cost effective. Now they purchase all their material through us.

Opening Hours:- Our office is open from 8-30 am till 4-30 pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours our website is monitored on regular basis. We try and respond to all enquires within 24 hours.


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our services

In addition to supplying sheet material we can offer the following services.

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